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Blue Sky Project Tracker 1.5.5

Blue Sky Project Tracker 1.5.5: Web-based time tracking software with expense tracking user data fields. These data fields can either contain text, numerical values, or items selected from a list. Examples of possible custom fields are: Client, Notes, and Payment method. Statistics are available in graphs and tables, or can be exported to a spreadsheet file format. The statistics show, for example, the amount of time that has been spent per week on each of the major projects. Using a cost calculation factor, the time spendings can

MS SQL Server Change Case To Proper, Upper, Lower & Sentence Software 7.0: Change case in MS SQL Server tables.
MS SQL Server Change Case To Proper, Upper, Lower & Sentence Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to change the case of MS SQL Server tables. Simply select the table and fields to change through the intuitive user interface. The options are to change fields (columns) to: upper, lower, title (proper) or sentence case. Results overwrite previously existing data. This software can save you hours by formatting your data in batches. MS SQL Server 2000 or higher required.

2005, distinguishing, entries, table, caps, transforming, lowcase, string, forcing, characters, capitol, 2007, lcase

MBS WinExpander 2.3: All-rounder for Win XP; Extensions, Tools, Tuning and secret functions
MBS WinExpander 2.3

user interface which has been introduced with Windows XP and which can be conformed to the user‘s wishes. In addition to the access to internal configurations, the MBS WinExpander offers much in the fields of security and data protection; saved (personal) information can be removed and files can be destroyed thoroughly. The registration of users can be limited temporally, the execution of programs can be prohibited and the modification of single

rights, system, function, registry, windows, winexpander, design, netfs, microsys, hardware, tool, interface, user

MP3 EZlib Music Library/Playlist Manager 2.5: EZlib is an MP3 Music Library/Playlist Manager with built-in MP3 Player
MP3 EZlib Music Library/Playlist Manager 2.5

fields and file dates (2) Single and mass ID3v2 tag update (3) Four user-defined, custom ID3v2 tag fields (4) Four user-defined music rating fields plus tempo (5) Pictures (add/delete/display) (6) Automatic lyrics search (7) Playlist creation and maintenance (8) Playlist tweaking at runtime (9) Songwriter`s aid (10) Rename music files to match ID3v2 tag fields (11) Rename music files with a numeric prefix for CD writing in playlist order (12) Print

search, custom, songwriter, library, print, comments, edit, lyrics, rename, free, editor, mass, music

PhoneBook95 Professional Edition 3.02: Award winning Windows Contact Manager. Rated 5 stars on ZDNet!
PhoneBook95 Professional Edition 3.02

user-definable directories and data fields , one button emailing, dialing, website URL access, and full search and find capability. Multiple user configurable options and three separate directories allows maximum flexibility. A supplemental data section allows storage of personal and company information for each record. Supports import/export, inclusion/exclusion, envelope and label printing, user configurable printing , an option to run in the background

information, contact, phone, manager, address software, database, organizer, business, personal, address, phone software, address book

ContactGenie QuickPort 2.3: Outlook Import with contact update and custom form/field support
ContactGenie QuickPort 2.3

fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Optionally clear outlook folder prior to import. Choose to "Add all", "Add New Only" or "update" pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Standardize primary field formats such as FileAs, EmailDisplayName and FullName. Dynamically create user-defined fields from input data file. Append or replace notes with or without time stamp. Append to or replace

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pdf-FieldMerge 3.0.3:  pdf-FieldMerge allows to fill existing PDF form fields automatically.
pdf-FieldMerge 3.0.3

fields manually. The product targets companies which want to distribute lots of forms to be edited from users but already contain some individual form information matching each individual in particular. That exactly is the problem: In general you can either create forms without content (which you want a user to edit) or create PDF files that users cant edit at all. pdf-FieldMerge will forge links across these two options. If you want to fill form

fill out, fill forms, forms, pdf forms, automatically, fields, merge, fill in, flatten, acrobat reader, database connections, fill out forms

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